Sindicato britânico de pilotos faz alerta sobre fotos e filmes no cockpit

Em um texto publicado em seu site, o British Air Line Pilots Association (sindicato britânicos dos pilotos de linha aérea) fez uma alerta sobre a prática de fazer fotos e filmes por pilotos no cockpit, o que pode afetar a segurança de voo e ainda pode servir eventualmente como prova contra os próprios pilotos. Confira abaixo.


Dont put yourself in the frame

Theres nothing more impressive than saying to your kids look heres a video of Daddy/Mummy landing their aeroplane. This often works quite well with slightly older people as well apparently, but do you know how vulnerable you are leaving yourself when you introduce your personal camera into the cockpit? Firstly, you could be introducing a flight safety hazard; the Daily Mail reported earlier this year on an incident where 33 passengers were injured after a pilots personal camera interfered with the controls and caused a rapid descent. Secondly, you may be contravening company rules that wont be a pleasant phone call. Finally, and really importantly, you may find any images you take (or are taken of you) being used against you or your colleagues in the event of something going wrong. In a recent fatal accident investigation the police asked for all AAIB material to be released to them but a judge opined that nothing could be released as that could prove detrimental to future flight safety reporting. Nothing, that is, except for the personal video camera that the pilot had installed to film his flying. Thats gold dust to some people.

Of course you may find that your David Bailey/Spielberg worshiping colleague posts his imagery on social media and some eagle eyed member of the public may just notice something that you appear to have missed. Even if nothing is actually amiss this could generate some undesirable attention and remember, these pictures and videos will be there forever. So the next time you are tempted to capture the amazing sights that this job exposes us to, or your fellow aviator says its OK to take some pictures/take a video isnt it? can we suggest that you think very carefully about all the possible ramifications. As we begin to see aircraft being delivered from factories with cameras fitted as standard we need to make sure any images from the office are dealt with in a sensible, legal and agreed way, and we need your help to make sure that happens.